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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a new perspective tonight on the friday morning kidnapping of a teenage girl in san jose. this is security footage of the girl breaking away from her would- be abductor. and running down the sidewalk in an attempt to escape.
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she did get away. tonight, kron-4's philippe djegal spoke with a neighbor who describes what she saw that morning. >> i and yelled to my husband. >> reporter: this woman and heard a loud to scream. >> once i opened the door she ran that way and th man of ran the other way. >> the she said that she looked angry. >> how did you feel? >> issue is very sout of said tariff >> reporter: she only saw a dark clothing. >> -- i think that she was very upset i do not even think that she was so even heard me >> and she was obsessed. i was surprised to see her out
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so early alone. she does not believe that a she has seen this man in this neighborhood, before. phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> pam: we are learning more about the two teenagers who were shot on an el cerrito trail yesterday afternoon. they school. this is video of the scene yesterday from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. kron 4's reggie kumar spoke to a classmate who knows the students, and says they are popular on and off campus. >> reporter: albany unified school statement to parents about the shooting. after school was out for the day, three high school students were near the bart tracks in el cerrito. they were approached by two men who asked about their shoes. one of the men shot one student injuring himhe is in stable condition. a second
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student was shot in the face and received a flesh wound. the third student was able to escape without physical injury. please remind your student to take all possible precautions when walking to and from school.mkyle quarello is a sophomore at albany high school, he knows the two victims and says they are known around campus as "sneaker heads." he tells me they approach people wearing expensive tennis shoes and asks if they can trade sneakers. >> ic them on facebook and we have a hard subject of my school setting class. i know the people they shot. they always use the home for air tran but, all el cerrito investigators are saying is that they are still working figuring out the motive. and the teenage victims and suspects had an argument right before the shooting. they say the victim's were wearing tennis shoes at the time of the incident. they don't believe the shooting was gang related. the suspects are still at large. reggie kumar kron 4 news.
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the san jose police department is currently investigating the city's third homicide of 2013. on 1/24/2013, at approximately 8:26 p.m., the san jose police department's 9-1-1 communications center received a report of a person stabbed in the area of southside drive and hope street in san jose. upon arrival, officers located an adult male that had been stabbed multiple times. the male was transported to regional medical center where he was pronounced dead at approximately 9:30 p.m. preliminary investigation into the stabbing has revealed that several male suspects attacked the victim for unknown reasons. the victim sustained several stab wounds which later proved fatal. the suspects fled the scene and remain at-large. the suspects have not been identified. the motive behind the stabbing remains under investigation. the san jose police notifications to the next of kin. no further information is being released at this time. time to check in on the weather. this is a look at the bay bridge where testing is going on for an art light installation. looks pretty clear out there. however, spotty showers continued throughout the south and east bay
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today. jacqueline more rain on the way. >> jacqueline: this shower is going to press to the north. we will see some showers out to the door for the no. section, this is offshore. all-star dealing with fog. with 1 mi. and a livermore. areas of fog, rain and for most of the area. we will receive >> this is the 49ers are now just ten days away from the super bowl. today, quarterback colin kaepernick livened things up for the media. when he
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ordered at least 15 pizzas for reporters. kron 4's j.r. stone was there and has more with kaepernick. 49ers qb colin kaepernick better be ready because in new orleans he?ll see even more cameras,tions. some of whih will may sound like this. >> how is it waco to, what does colin kaepernick? >> the same letter was six months ago waking up as colin kaepernick- when it comes to the actual game kaepernick says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. as for advice. kaep says it?s come from many including former niner greats joe montana and steve young.
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the team practiced in the rain on thursday. kaepernick says the team will be ready?for the super bowl and questions like this. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: 49-ers fans hoping the team will bring another victory home to the city of san francisco. all the while city officials hope to prevent a repeat of the chaos and vandalism that occurred when the giants won the world series last year. superbowl sunday security plans are still in the works. but as kron four's terisa estacio reports, hitting the bars will be one way officers hope to make a difference this time around. >> reporter: a scorched muni bus. vandalism in the mission district. dozens of arrests. fires in garbage chans. it was not a pretty picture in the city following the giants big win. and police say they are not about to let that happen again. >> we have learned.
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>> reporter: deputy chief of operations john loftus says, one big change will be removing garbage cans so they can not be lit on fire. >> we learned that they were settign on fire, now we will have garbage day a day earlier. also loftus says there will be more patrols in the mission district. so that they can manage crowds that tend to pour out into that area. >> smaller to manage. is better. >> reporter: in addition, he adds, officers will hit the bars to make sure people are not drinking too much. >> be responsible. lotfus says there are more steps they plan to take and are meeting regularly with other city officials to make sure everything can be
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done to make this special superbowl a safe one. >> pam: a man under arrest after allegedly placing a video camera in a restroom at a bay area pizzeria! then. the f-b-i is revising their search plan for victims of the speed freak killers. plus. spotting crime in the bay area could get easier with the latest technological advances on city is showing off. we have your preview. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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the manager of papa murphy's pizza location in martinez, has been arrested for allegedly putting a hidden video camera inside the employee restroom.
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police say, a female employee called police, after finding the camcorder that was placed on a shelf in the restroom. the suspect- jason lassor. allegedly confessed and was taken into custody. lassor was cited and released from jail after being booked on one count of misdemeanor invasion of privacy. police are currently analyzing the video in the camera. and may file additional charges if more victims are found. >> gary: coming up later, we will hear from the harbaugh itheir parents,. >> jacqueline: the rainfall has tapered off i will tell you when we will see more, coming out.
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>> jacqueline: spotty showers were the story and a chance of showers for the weekend it will not be that widespread. tomorrow, not of much of cool air it should still be mild but the storms of the coming in from the north with cold, arctic air as we take a look outside on the stormtracker 4, dry conditions. satellite and radar showing that it is starting to make its way and wrapping itself around with
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plenty. and also, the system to the north of the will impact us tomorrow. notice it is retrieving over the west coast. here is a look at futurecast the rain from the south on the golden gate. and impacting the morning commute. a bit of below for the afternoon but with this for the north. that a second system will be for the north bay. that will continue for the rest of the evening hours. a look at your extended forecast what we perceive for the next couple of days. spotty showers on and off. those temperatures are getting quite chilly the arctic air continues with
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>> diane feinsteincalifornia u.s. senator, dianne feinstein, introduced legislation to renew the country's now expired. assault weapons ban. feinstein said, the bill will ban the sale of 157- military style assault weapons. as well as ban high capacity ammunition clips. she says, the 20 children killed in the new town, connecticut massacre. are a wakeup call for the nation. and now it's time for congress to act. senator feinstein emphasized. the bill does protect the right of *law abiding citizens* who use guns for home security, hunting and other recreational purposes. florida a-and-m university announced major reforms to address hazing on and off campus. champion, died in 2011 after
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a pennsylvania man recives a jail sentence of almost a thousand years for sexual crimes against children. >> antioch school officials are warning parents after a strange man tried to lure a boy into his car this afternoon. a fifth grade boy from sutter elementary school was walking home when he was approached by a man who said he was sent by the boys parents to pick him up. the boy told the man he didn't know him and walked away. a message sent out by the school principal said in part. we will continue to diligently monitor the area around the school and will alert the police and parents should we observe anything the man was described as white with gray hair and stubble and driving a light blue '70s era car. the man was last seen in his chichibu park on g street, but he has not been seen since. more now on a developing story we first brought you at 5. >> the search for more remains of victims of the speed freak killers. is underway. wesley shermantine and loren herzog carried out a drug - fueled killing spree in the 1980's and 90's. kron 4's terisa estacio has the latest on the f-b-i search. going on in central california. >> reporter: just a short time ago i spoke with the of the i spokesperson for
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releasing this statement convicted serial killer wesley sherman tines recollections have occasionally....... able to locate a site that offers the best chance of recovering victims' remains. it take a look at this video. they claim that this well that has been excavated is not where he said the remains were. he told fbi investigators said this is the wrong place if they did not find car parts or trash. the fbi spokesperson also told kron 4 about they will be back on the site digging again on friday. terisa estacio, kron 4. >> pam: police all over the bay area are now using new technology to seek out the sounds of gunfire. shotspotter is a program that helps track gunfire and
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lead police to its exact location. four sensors pick up the sound of gunshots and can instantly locate on a map.where exactly the shots came from. >> we are here live in rural or clients, 24/7. our specialists have extensive training even before they're able to interpret the data. they're able to recognize patterns it can save time and save lives. >> pam: shotspotter specialist say they can alert police departments within 60 seconds of gun shots occuring. police say they hope the shotspotter program will instill fear in those who would do harm. shotspotter is currently gearing up for the superbowl..they say they are expecting a lot of activity through the bay area. >> gary'there is noith mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs
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>> good evening, everybody. colin kaepernick bought 10 pizzas or 15 for the reporters uss what is his
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favorite tad too? >> the one inside my arm i give is my curse. it is something that goes right by my life. there are a lot of advantages to being the quarterback and have the same time there's a lot of scrutiny. >> and i said about 10 and you said 15 and. >> j. r. stone was there. >> pam: back off.. [laughter] >> with the obvious question. who would do you want to win? >> we are neutral. nobody is going to win.
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>> i would love a tidy. can we do that for sure mark >> i do nothing so to >> it is not true. i like one of my children more than another. along. >> she was ready to, right through this phone! i was so thankful the issue recognized your voice. >> a nice candid moment both for everybody gets into the big super bowl madness. sharks vs coyotes opening night for the 2-0 sharks but they got down 3-1 in the 3rd now 3-2 patrick marleau gets the pass from joe thornton and
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ties it 3-3 under 2 minutes left thornton to joe pavelski to marleau who slaps it in for the winning goal with 1:53 left check out this young fan gets a puck from marlaeu and hive-fives his friend final: 5-2 sharks st. mary's san diego 1 randy bennett and the 16-4 st. mary's gaels hosting the san diego toreros 2 1st half matthew dellavedova - the nice lob to beau levesque who lays it in levesque: 20 points, 5 rebs 2nd half 3 dellavedova - another ally oop lob to brad waldow who
11:29 pm
throws it down waldow: 15 points assists final: 81-48 gaels st. mary's: 16-4, 5-1 mens hoops - cal vs. utah mike montgomery 2nd half allen crabbe 3-pointer 44-29 cal off the break big robert thurmon with the dunk inside 53-42 cal final: 62-57 cal 75-72. >> pam: goodnight, see you tomorrow.
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